Recorded by Kerim Arhan & Patrik Bartosch

Produced by Kerim Arhan & Patrik Bartosch

Mastered by 9 volt studio

© & (p) 2016. Kerim Arhan/Selected Art Studio. 


All rights reserved.


Produced and recorded by Kerim Arhan & Patrik Bartosch

Mixed by Patrik Bartosch


Recorded at Selected Art Studio & Tambourine studios in Malmö, Sweden.

*Recording advice and instructions at selected art studios by Mikael Körner.

*Piano on track 2 recorded by Sebastian Borg.



Kerim Arhan Vocals & Acoustic guitar. Piano on track 2. 

Mats Bengtsson Accordion on track 6.

Patrik Bartosch Piano & vibraphone. Percussion on track 2,4 & 7. Double-bass on track 2.

Jan Mattiasson Contrabass on track 3, 6, 9 & 10.

Jessica Ottosson Backingvocals on track 6 &10.

Peter Tegnér Electric Guitar & Electric Mandolin on track 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 & 10.

Hakan Vreskala Percussion on track 3, 6 , 9 and 10.

Håkan Paws on track 2.


Adice. Counselling & support: Martin Theander


All songs written by Kerim Arhan and published by Selected Art Studio.

Special Thanks

My family, Andreas Beronius, Sebastian Borg, Jimmy Christensen, John Dahlqvist, Mikael Eriksson Duffy, Åsa Gjerstad, Erinc Güzel, Jonas Hult, Lise Ljungmark, Evelina Persson and Martin Theander. Many others have inspired or contributed to the process of writing, reccording and releasing this album in various ways. You know who you are. 


Art direction/design: Andreas Beronius

Photohraphy: Pelle Hybinnette

©  & (p) 2016. Kerim Arhan/Selected Art Studio 



Photo: Pelle Hybinette